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All New Bricks is a YouTube Channel dedicated to bringing the joy of Lego to families around the world.

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Your business can bring the joy of Lego to a child at St. Jude's Hospital

For children with serious or terminal illnesses, the happiness and spark of inspiration that comes with receiving a handpicked Lego set is priceless.

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How Sponsorship Works


1. You Purchase
a Lego set

Use our website to purchase one of the available Lego sets listed below.


2. We make a
YouTube Video

We use your set to make a Lego speed build video for our YouTube channel.


3. Your business
gets exposure

We mention and link to you as the video sponsor, which gets traffic for your website.


4. A Child Receives
your Lego set

We carefully repackage the set and give it to a handpicked child at St. Jude's Hospital.


Our sponsors receive traffic to their websites from our popular YouTube channel.


10 mil+

Views Per Month

40 mil+

Minutes Watched per Month




What our sponsors are saying:


Abe Loper

Northwestern Mutual

Paul at All New Bricks has turned his passions of film and Lego into a business that’s not only sustainable but also generous. If each of us could find a way to do the same thing, our communities would be better for it.


Rob Tufano

Tufano Media Group

Sponsoring a build through Paul and All New Bricks was a no-brainer for me. To know that my company may have made even a small difference in a child’s life is a priceless investment. Paul is a committed servant to humanity and I was honored to team up with him on the build.


Benjamin Manley


What Paul is building with All New Bricks is a win-win-win situation. It benefits the children of St. Jude's, the businesses that contribute, and helps him do more of what he loves. It's brilliant, and I'm proud to be a small part of it.


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