Lego Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Review

Sponsored by New London Steak House for the purpose of being donated to St Jude Hospital.

The basic structure of the Kessel Run Falcon is essentially the same as the Falcon released in 2015, with Technic beams and plates.

The exterior is basically a recolored version of the 2015 Falcon from The Force Awakens, except for the added cargo pod located in the forward part of the ship.

The buttons for the spring loaded shooters are very well hidden.  If you didn't actually build the thing you'd have to fish around to find buttons that need to be pressed to fire the darts.

I guess Han and Chewie are baristas in the new film because in the rear of the cockpit appears to be an espresso machine.  The cockpit is incredibly cramped, with just barely enough room for both minifigures.

In conclusion, if you don't own a Millennium Falcon this is a must have.  If you already own the 2015 version I don't feel that it's necessary to purchase this set.